In instances, you are about to invest in the Medicare Advantage Plans, you will come across the ones that involves Zero Premium. Put in simple terms, these are the plans, opting for which, you will not require paying any premium. Thus, it is obvious that these  plans will enjoy a massive demand among the buyers. However, before buying these plans, it is important that you are having a complete knowledge of its terms and conditions. Here are the key points in this regard.


An excerpt of the Zero Premium plans for Medicare Advantage


Irrespective of the fact that these plans come at Zero Premium or not, it will still fetch you the benefits from a private insurer, having a service contract with Medicare. As per the provision of the Medicare Advantage Plans, the scheme should compulsorily offer the similar scopes and extent of benefits, as available under the Parts A and B of the original Medicare, with the exception being the benefits of Hospice that comes directly through the Part A of Medicare policy.


There is some indirect cost always involved with the Zero Premium plans


Your Zero Premium Medicare Plan is likely to involve the expenses like Deductible amount, coinsurance, as well as co-payments. The deductible is the amount that you require paying, prior to getting the benefits from the plans for Medicare Advantage. However, it is not necessary that the plans should come with the deductibles.


The Co-payment is basically a specific amount of money that you require paying to enjoy the services covered. The term coinsurance can be defined as a part of the total cost that you are likely to pay to get the covered services.


You need to keep in mind that the provider, offering you the plan enjoys the complete liberty to design the scheme, as well as set the extent of deductible, Co-payments as well as coinsurance. Likewise, it is the discretion of the insurer to set the premium for the plan.


Another key point that you must keep in mind is that, even after subscribing to the Zero Premium 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans, you still have to pay the premium for the Part B coverage of the original Medicare. Likewise, no matter you have subscribed for this plan, you will still continue to enjoy the benefits from the Part A and B of the original Medicare plan.


As a matter of buying advice, rather than picking the Zero premium plans that offer insignificant overage, it will be wise to opt for the plans that comes for a cost, but offers some meaningful extent and scope of coverage.